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"bokujou monogatari sugar mura" or Harvest moon sugar town in japanese version.
I've been playing this game alot and i want to share what i think of this game.
This game is a resemblance of Harvest Moon Save The Home Land but a more improve version of it.
So ill fill this up...

Although its great but the camera angle has to use manually you'll have to use the arrow keys
to adjust the camera,Talking to people does make sense now it has a little expression,Well the Clock is 1 seconds and you have more time to do anything rather than 10 seconds,Most of all you change your color of your dress,And good thing the calendar is 30 days,Too bad a dog cannot be carried i wonder why,Many girls to date with,Events,Part time job,I really hate when running its kinda slow for me,And more that make sense in this game

the graphic is Fine and smooth its actually great no problem of it

ill give this a 8/10 because its an improvement of a ps2 game Harvest Moon Save The Homeland
rather than a wasteland they make it a better one.Its the same people although and a few people i don't remember in Save the Homeland.So anyway here you have it this what i think of this game and what i experience of it if you want this japanese version of this game ill give out the link and if you want the english version its will be release on April 20 2010 Thank you ^^

Harvest moon Hero of leaf valley(JPN) Review

Im bored...

2009-05-14 17:30:47 by inti-creater

Leave a comment or something..xD

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Kindom hearts:Birth by sleep Will be realease in Summer 2009 in japan
and in North America will be on Late 2009,Early 2010

I think that is all for my news today ^^ have a nice day!

KHnews:Kingdom hearts Birth By Sleep Coming its first realease

Hi guys happy advance hallowen where gettin ready you know

2008-10-19 03:29:14 by inti-creater

Happy advance hallowen NG users.Im gettin ready for the hallowen play where still
practicing.the play called The Silent hill were like a Sexy Zombie nurse.Just letting you know ^_^ good day.

Hi guys happy advance hallowen where gettin ready you know

True or False

Naruto and Gaara are jinchuuriki?

Naruto:Shippuden question #2

Naruto:shippuden question

2008-07-15 08:56:46 by inti-creater

What do "aka" and "Tsuki" means of the organization

Naruto:shippuden question


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Happy Pico day

2008-04-30 00:39:46 by inti-creater

Happy Pico day to NG people Im making up a new life making an Flash so im still on Training to
do flash and ill never submit crappy flashes.. so good day

MTV scared-Tony hawk

2008-04-20 03:57:21 by inti-creater

the legend got bailed...

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Im having a happy day

2008-02-20 03:37:30 by inti-creater

im sorry i forgot happy late valentines